The world’s most unique lost and abandoned places.


In our “abandoned beauty” series we would like to show you our most remarkable abandoned places photography.

From swimming pools full of still, emerald-colored water to Soviet monuments with atomic spaceship-like architecture, abandoned places are full of both beauty and contrast. Through our travels through abandoned estates, crumbling libraries of antique books, abandoned spaces perched high in the Bulgarian mountains, we’ve captured some truly breathtaking views of these spaces.

The thought, care, and upkeep that once went into these grand structures is a legacy that deserves to be preserved, even if only through images. Walk with us and discover these reminders of former glory through this series, allow your mind and eyes to explore all that once was. As these settings succumb to the touch of time or the march of progress, these pictures will stand as a testament to their quiet, slumbering dignity.  

All pictures in this series “abandoned beauty” are available as limited edition fine art prints.


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