Abandoned hotels and resorts

The experience of a hotel or room is a journey in itself: a home that isn’t a home, a moment in time where your surroundings are unfamiliar yet welcoming. These transient spaces are used to quiet slumber between guests, but checkout has stretched on beyond 11pm – through countless years, even decades, to present these intriguing images. No matter if the establishment was a humble boarding house or a 5-star resort with soaring ceilings: when the guest is forgotten time, they all follow the same route.

Today, the guests are of the feathered and furred variety, bypassing the front desk to enter through mossy openings and broken windows directly. Where once warm signs hung reading Welkom, now cold silence and dust are gathering in once-luxurious rooms for a permanent stay.

While neglected hotels are a magnet for vandalism and graffiti, their open nature also allows photographers like us to wander in too. While we also see a canvas, we allow it to be painted by time and nature without disturbing it. Rooms act like time capsules holding still-made beds in disrepair, half-full bottles of spoiled liquor aside matching glasses, and dusty tables ready for room service. Even though the doors here have not opened to guests for 50 years or more in some cases, it sometimes feels like the next tenants are simply carrying their bags up the stairs.

There is an eerie, still feel to these rooms that translates well to images; you can almost feel the same grime, musty odors, and dampness that we did when we took our photos here. While it is a sad process to watch with a professional eye, it is our hope that we’ve managed to convey the once-proud glamour of these amazing spaces.

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