Urban photographer Christophe Van De Walle

ArtDecay represents two passionate photographers Isabelle & Christhope.

The passion of decay brought us together as couples, two years later we are husband and wife. With ArtDecay we want to show you where the decay brought us.

Exploring around the world that’s what we try to do every free moment. Go to places other people neglected, wander around and take pictures of the abandoned world.

Urban photographer Christophe Van De Walle

Christophe Van De Walle

I am Christophe Van De Walle, photographer of abandoned locations. Urban Exploration, that's what I do. Visiting and recording a small piece of history of abandoned, or rather, forbidden locations ... For years I have been walking through abandoned buildings, simply because it gives me satisfaction. A certain feeling that you can not describe. You have to experience that. The transience, the silence, the decay, the fright of certain ambient sounds that break the silence and give you goose bumps. The adrenalin that rages through your body when you have succeeded in finding an entrance, because we do not break in. We visit ... in a broad sense of the word. That we have to brave a fence for that, or crawl through a cellar, we don’t care about that. Even security does not stop us from constantly seeking this feeling. We must realize that people leave history behind the walls of all abandoned buildings. Sometimes buildings are left behind with the whole interior intact and then you imagine yourself really dozens of years back. Then suddenly you are faced with a calendar that has been torn off on a date somewhere in 1966 ... and it is still hanging on the wall patiently. That is perhaps the best example to describe the atmosphere that I experience during my trips. A calendar that stops in 1966, and there you stand for a while in %current_year% . then you start thinking ... It took some years before I realized that I had to record this history. Capture for anyone who does not realize what has happened behind those walls. And with that, impermanence comes First

isabelle van assche

Isabelle Van Assche

Photography has been a big fascination of my. More than 8 years ago I decided to buy a better camera and take a photography course. That was the moment in my life I encountered my big passion. Architecture photography and capture the beauty of nature is what I loved to do. But the day I walk for the first time in an abandoned building, I knew... I don’t want to do anything else. The history and mystery from an abandoned building is so fascinating. It’s amazing to see how nature is taking over buildings. I want to be a witness of this abandoned beauty and capture the decay.

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