The lost glory of the grand hotel S

In the last couple of years I been two times to Austria for exploring abandoned places. Although this country has few lost places.

But there is one remarkable city, it’s a beautiful and popular holiday destination which was once famous as a spa town by its radon-containing sources. What you never would expect, they are more than 7 buildings abandoned and neglected in this town. By doing my research I was so surprised and wanted to travel immediately to this destination.

The grand hotel S

The most exceptional building of this town, next to the overwhelming water fall, is grand hotel S. This is an explore I will never forget. Some rooms still look like the tourist could check in every moment but other parts were collapsed and very dangerous.


The history of this hotel goes way back until 1602. The family that owned the property opened a tavern at this site. In 1840 they turn the tavern into the main building of the grand hotel. The building was completed in two years and architecture Josef Wessicken has designed this construction.

The hotel offered 200 rooms and had a spa center. In 1980 the family stopped exploiting the hotel and it became the property of government. For the last 19 years of its existence the hotel was used by government employees, they could enjoy the spa facilities and hotel. In 1999 the grand hotel was sold and since then it got abandoned.

Getting into this building was a whole quest. The front was closed up pretty good, and constantly tourists were walking by and looking at this prestigious building in decay. So let’s check the backside. But there was just one problem,  we are in the mountain and we have a big difference in level. After a good walk down,  trough the bushes we found an open basement window.

I loved wandering around in this building, the old architecture was so typical for the region and period of use.

this was the spa back in the days 


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