Author: isabelle Van Assche

Fine Art photographer from Belgium. Photography is the passion in my life, an escape from reality and my adventure around the world. In my journey I explore the unseen and obliterated, magnificent buildings that are left behind, forgotten by locals and consumed by nature. Before these fascinating constructions are gone I want to capture this neglected world, so the history won’t be forgotten and erased.
the courtyard

Forgotten historical monastery in the south of france Hidden in the woods of a historic castle grounds I found this beautiful decorated marble cloister with its small chapel. The castle and monastery are abandoned for many years, neglected and overtaken by nature. But what is this old convent doing in the garden of this lost […]

The buzludzha monument, a reminder of the communist time in Bulgaria The monument of the Bulgarian communist party The buzludzha monument is one of the world’s most remarkable abandoned building. The ufo shape makes it a weird architectural construction, it makes you wondering what it is or was. It’s a great example of the brutalism […]

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