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ArtDecay represents two passionate photographers Isabelle & Christophe

The passion of photography brought us together as couples, two years later we are husband and wife. With ArtDecay we want to show you where the decay brought us.

Exploring around the world that’s what we try to do every free moment. Go to places other people neglected, wander around and take pictures of the abandoned world.

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isabelle Van Assche

buzludzha monument in Bulgaria

The buzludzha monument, a reminder of the communist time in Bulgaria The monument of the Bulgarian communist party The buzludzha monument is one of the world’s most remarkable abandoned building. The ufo shape makes it a weird architectural construction, it makes you wondering what it is or was. It’s a

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isabelle Van Assche

The lost glory of the grand hotel S

The lost glory of the grand hotel S In the last couple of years I been two times to Austria for exploring abandoned places. Although this country has few lost places. But there is one remarkable city, it’s a beautiful and popular holiday destination which was once famous as a

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lost schoolyard with green in an abandoned school in Belgium
isabelle Van Assche

exploring Belgium largest abandoned university

Schools out forever, the abandoned university site of Val Benoit in Liege Exploring this enormous former campus site val benoit in Liege that’s more than 9 hectares big was an extraordinary experience, it was like taking a step back in history by wander around in this lost place. This entire

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Urban photographer Christophe Van De Walle

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